DIY Installation Tips for Solar Panels

17 Feb

If you are wondering what there is to know about solar panel systems, you should consider some tips from an experienced person in the field. You may want to build a solar power system for your home, and you should purchase a kit that is complete with all the parts you need. The solar panels, wires, and charge controller should be included, along with a battery and inverter to plug into the house outlet. Once installed, you can power your appliances with the suns rays to be more environmentally and economically efficient.

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You will want to consider the location for mounting your solar panel, including keeping the mounting kit in mind. Your mounting kit should come with instructions to be sure brackets are properly put in place. There should be a few different wires included, to connect the solar panel to the charge controller, and then the charge controller to the battery. If you are going to mount your solar panel systems onto the roof of a house of cabin, you should be sure the wires are in proper place to connect to the battery.

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