What NOT to Do at a Coin Store

18 Apr

When you’re in a coin store, there are some things you should avoid doing, just like you would in any other store. The YouTube video, “Coin Shop Owner Warning: DON’T Do THESE Things In A Coin Shop!” points out the many things you should avoid doing in a coin shop.

First, try to mind your business. Like any other store, it’s wrong to interfere while a trading process is ongoing.

Video Source

You should also try not to undercut the coin shop owner. If the shop owner is in a negotiation process with a potential buyer, and you feel you might have a better deal than the shop owner, resist the urge to interrupt.

Also, it would help if you didn’t repeatedly ask for a coin’s price tag when the price tag is inscribed on it. You may ask for clarification, but repeatedly asking for the price tag may wrongly rub off on the coin store owner.

Lastly, if you bring kids along with you, ensure you watch them. There are several prized possessions at a coin store, and leaving kids to roam around freely might result in the breakage of any of these things.


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