How to Repair an Underground Pipe

14 Apr

When a pipe breaks on your property, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you will end up with even more issues. A broken pipe will spew its contents uncontrollably, costing you money that you should not have to pay. However, when a pipe breaks underground, it could be difficult to repair. In this video, you will learn about a simple pipe repair service that you can use to fix your underground PVC pipe.

This method will help you to repair your underground pipe without too much hassle despite it being buried under the ground. Once you’ve dug down to reach your pipe and where the crack in it is, you will need to dig back away from the crack so that you have room to work with.

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You can then cut into the pipe with a tool like a hacksaw. Also, cut about a half-inch after the crack. So, you are removing a big chunk of the pipe where the crack appears. You will then replace the gap with a piece of new pipe that is not cracked. Be sure to follow the tips and steps in the video very closely so that you do everything correctly.


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