Dealing with Drain Clogging

Drain cleaning
06 Apr

Almost everyone will have to clear or clean out a drain at home at some point. Even when being careful with what goes down the drain, the Buildup of waste is inevitable in all cases, making maintenance vital to proper function.

Individuals who live in old houses will have similarly old pipe systems unless the plumbing of the house was replaced recently. Those pipes could have become misshapen over time. Even if the pipes work relatively well for their age, that still means that clogs and other issues will probably become more common as the house continues to get older. People in these houses might want to keep automatic drain cleaner solutions around for easy drain cleaning.

An automatic snake can also help people with older pipes. They might rely on a bacteria drain cleaner for the smaller clogs that might not be leading to anything else. Still, getting that drain fixed or cleaned professionally might eventually be a necessity for them. The average price to snake a drain will be higher than these everyday solutions, but if there’s a larger problem at hand, a pro can usually catch it before it costs you even more.

When you are faced with the troublesome problem of a clogged drain, you want to use the perfect drain cleaner to get the job done. Nobody enjoys going from product to product searching for the one that works, so do your research beforehand and find the blocked drain cleaning product that will get the job done right the first time. In this video, we will compare some of the most popular brands of drain cleaners to find out which works the quickest, once and for all.

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Hydrogen peroxide, also known as lye, is the most popular chemical used to unclog drains, while bleach comes in as a close second. Some other drain cleaners use enzymes or certain kinds of bacteria to fight clogs, making them more organic in nature. Through several different tests on many different materials, this YouTuber determines that Drain-O, Liquid Plumber, or lye will do the best job for a basic bathroom clog. A drain snake should be used on kitchen clogs since these problems are probably grease or solid object. Acid is best for these, but it is also highly corrosive, thus making a drain snake the safest solution.


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