How Are Explosion Proof Cameras Installed?

07 Apr

What are explosion proof cameras and how are these explosion proof cameras installed? In this video, we will see an in depth installation process of these explosion proof cameras and understand why they are so great. These are the explosion proof bullet cameras from Hikvision and they can be used for any oil rig monitoring, any company that involves high temperatures, and any hazardous areas.

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There are a lot of steps to assembling these cameras and placing them exactly where you want them in your warehouse, on your oil rigs, or anywhere you need them.

Explosion resistant cameras are very important when it comes to any job that involves hazardous materials that could explode at any time. They are also used for filming movies and shows by directors such as Christopher Nolan and Michael Palance. These cameras will survive the explosion and will be able to show the cause of it. This can be very important for liability reasons as well as proof after an incident happens. It’s important that if you are a business owner for a company that works with hazardous materials you purchase one of these cameras. Watch this entire video to see, step by step, how these cameras are installed and how easy it can be to install them yourself.


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