Whats the Difference Between a Rim and Mortise Cylinder Lock?

25 Apr

Are you interested in what the difference is between a rim cylinder and a mortise cylinder lock? In this video, an expert will be going over the differences to help you understand which one may be better for your needs. Let’s take a closer look.

a Mortise lock is a commercial-grade lock. It is easy to install into a door lock since it has simple parts.

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A rim cylinder slides right into place. It has a tailpiece that’s able to be cut to size, so it will fit in any door you may have. The prices are around the same for both. You can also add a trim piece to make the lock look more aesthetically pleasing or to provide more security. With so many benefits between each of them, it may be hard to choose the right one for your needs, but that’s where a dependable locksmith comes in to help.

Don’t forget to watch the rest of this video to learn more from this expert. When you need services from a locksmith company, then make sure you call a few in your area to compare their services and qualifications. This way, you can ensure you’re hiring the right team for the services you need.


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