Signs You have a Truck Transmission Problem

14 Apr

If like many of us, you aren’t familiar with trucks or truck transmissions, there can be a lot to know. There’s also a lot that can go wrong with a truck transmission. Keep reading to learn the most popular signs that your truck’s transmission has a problem.

The first sign your truck’s transmission has a problem is if it revs too high before shifting gears. If it revs too high, it can cause even more issues to your truck and should be looked at by a professional truck mechanic.

Another sign you have a truck transmission problem is if you put it in reverse and it does not go anywhere. While this may be an obvious sign something is wrong, most people don’t know it is related to the transmission.

A common mistake some people make is changing their transmission fluid by flushing. When you flush your transmission to change the fluid, dirty fluid is circulated throughout the system. A lot of times this causes a transmission to start to slip.

For more signs that your truck has a transmission problem, watch the video above!


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