Whats the Difference Between Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis?

13 Feb

Do you want to remove or reduce the amount of hair on your body? The video gives some insight into the two main methods of getting this done: laser removal and electrolysis treatment. Most women go for these treatments to remove excessive hair above their lips and under their armpits. You may want to get these treatments to enhance your appearance and hygiene.

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In electrolysis treatment, a probe is placed near each hair follicle, which absorbs the heat of the probe and is immediately destroyed. In laser removal treatment, laser light is transmitted to the hair follicle. The latter absorbs light, is converted to heat, and is destroyed. With laser removal therapy, it is possible to cover large surface areas at a time. This shortens the procedure, and there are fewer symptoms like pain, swelling, and redness.

Electrolysis is a more cumbersome treatment and takes longer, but there is a higher chance of complete hair removal. Laser removal treatment requires multiple sessions to remove most of the hair, and it is not possible to completely remove it. Another downside of laser removal treatment is that it is not possible to apply it to any area around your eyes because of the intense light. Now you know the biggest differences between laser hair removal treatment and electrolysis treatment.


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