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The Investigators for Private Industry

Nj private investigation firm

A private detective company is a good organization to call if you want to get things done. They provide everything from investigating insurance fraud claims to conducting surveillance, something that ought to be done by a professional because avoiding this can expose you to a serious liability.

Today, the private detective company has come a long way from the classical tales of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe. Instead, most private investigators work for financial companies of one sort or another, or otherwise they work for credit collection services. They will also access public databases to search for records on various sources.

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Tasty Recipe Ideas for Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip or Spread

Hummus recipes

Hey, hummus lovers! Looking for some new ways to spice up your snack time? I have some delicious roasted red pepper or roasted garlic hummus dip suggestions to share with you.

Wait a minute. Did you just ask, “What is hummus?” You have never experienced the savory bliss of toasted bread with hummus spread on it? Well, please allow me to explain.

Hummus comes from mashed chickpeas and tanini, a sesame-seed paste, combined with lemon, garlic and sometimes olive oil. While originally made and consumed in the Middle East, hummus has grown in popularity and now dominates the refrigerated food section at almost any grocery store. It is typically used as a dip

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The Return of Camo to the Fashion World

Camo bathing suits

Camouflage, historically, makes for a very interesting study. Though the term typically conjures images of green and brown splotches occasionally interspersed with twigs and leaves, camouflage actually encompasses a much broader range of patterns. Dazzle pattern, for example, is black and white and was used to make it difficult for shooters to detect the distance of battleships in the first World War.

The variety of patterns included under the “camouflage” umbrella isn’t surprising, when you consider the term in a broad sense. We talk about animals having natural camouflage, yet there isn’t a single one with a coat that resembles those worn by hunters and soldiers. Arctic foxes and hares actually alternate between white and dark coats based on the seasons and squids change their colors to blend in with th

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What If Einstein Were Your AC Repairman?

Fix a clogged sink

Albert Einstein famously stated that he would start a local plumbing service if he had to do it all over again. For that, he was made an honorary union member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters. He probably would have been a top notch plumbing and air conditioning repair serviceman.

Getting a heat pump repair company to look at your HVAC system can help you pinpoint issues, as well as opportunities for greater efficiency and fewer allergens in your home. When the ducts are blocked, clogged or leaking, you are essentially paying to air condition or heat the outside of your home. Performing an annual HVAC maintenance as part of your heating and air repair schedule can hel

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Customer Launch Pad in St Louis MO


Customer Launch Pad

8112 St Charles Rock Road

St Louis, MO 63114


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At Customer Launchpad, we want to launch your company to the top of the search engine listings. We will help your business grow by driving online traffic to your web site while you focus on running your business. We do this by making sure that your web site gets seen by customers searching for businesses like yours.