Tips and Tricks With Your Laminator

13 Dec

If you own a laminator, either for personal use or as part of your business, you may not realize some of the creative ways you can use it. Especially if you are short on laminating supplies, there are clever ways to help stretch the bang for your buck. In this video, you will learn about some tips and tricks to help you have a better experience with your laminator.

Video Source

A great way to save money and to stretch your supplies is to laminate pages back to back. You can then peel the pages apart, resulting in two laminated pages for the price of one. Keep in mind that this will result in only the fronts of these pages being laminated. You can also use your laminator to create reusable sticky notes and a personal whiteboard. When making signage and charts, don’t be afraid to use templates and laminate them for your own use. The video will also help you understand the difference between hot and cold lamination and when you want to use each. There are also different laminating supplies depending on what you plan to laminate.


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