Inspecting a Black Hawk Before Flight

14 Dec

Inspecting all of the black hawk helicopter parts prior to taking the copter up for a flight is essential to the safety of everybody who will be on board. These checks are called a preflight and they serve to make sure that all of the parts are properly connected and working as they should. In this video, you will learn about how to conduct a preflight for a Black Hawk helicopter from start to finish so that you can follow along and check your own helicopter.

Video Source

As the preflight is conducted, the inspector will climb on top of the helicopter and open the top panels one at a time. Inside the panels are a lot of parts that the inspector must individually check. He checks to make sure the connections are secure and that anything that needs to be latched closed is. It is recommended to wear gloves while doing this so as to protect your hands. The preflight is thorough and comprehensive, leaving no part left untouched. When it is completed, the helicopter will be safe to fly. Any found issues will need to be corrected.


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