Types of Flowers You Need for Your Wedding

27 Mar

There are so many details to take care of when planning a wedding. Selecting flowers is one that can be both fun and rewarding, as thoughtful floral decisions can have a big impact on the festivities.

In this video, the presenter shares some tips for thinking about wedding flower selection. She identifies three flower categories for a wedding – personal flowers, wedding flowers, and reception flowers. These are all areas that a wedding florist will cover in consultation with you, and this video is a good primer to get you thinking about your options.

Video Source

Everyone has a different financial situation and budget at the time of their wedding. The presenter shares which areas can be cheaper, and which you should splurge on. For instance, she notes that the bride’s bouquet will be front and center in photos and videos from the big day, so it is not something to cut corners on. The presenter highlights every possible use of flowers in the ceremony and reception, which are numerous.

Your Chicago florist will give you a seemingly overwhelming list of choices regarding wedding flowers, including roses, but this video will help you start to think about what you want.


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