Ultimate Guide to RG6 Cables

03 Aug

RG cables are copper-based wires cables used to transmit power through telecom systems like Mobile communications, Marine and Satellite communication, and FM systems. A bare copper rg6 cable is a thin wire often used to relay indoor television and satellite signals because it’s easy to bend for wall and ceiling residential or commercial installation. The RG6 Cables are pretty affordable for their use.

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Its riser-rated jacket is used between floors, non-plenum spaces, and walls and helps to prevent fire from spreading from base to floor. Moreover, it is capable of maximizing the picture quality and minimizing static.

You can get dual, and quad shield RG6 coax cable with bare copper conductors. The RG6 quad shield cable is thicker than the double shield because it has four shields. Two shields are aluminum foil, while the other two are aluminum wire braid shields. The commonalities with these types of RG6 cables are the presence of a cable jacket, one wire braid shield, dielectric, one foil tape shield, and an 18 AWG conductor. Click on the link above to learn everything you need to know about RG6 cables.


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