Choosing the Right Commercial Contact Grill

28 Feb

When it comes to selecting a commercial contact grill for your kitchen, understanding the key features can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll explore crucial aspects to consider, providing valuable insights for your decision-making process.

Plate Options: Smooth vs. Grooved

The choice between smooth and grooved plates is a fundamental decision when picking a commercial contact grill. Grooved plates leave distinct grill marks, making them ideal for traditional Italian-style paninis.

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On the other hand, smooth plates are well-suited for items like quesadillas and meats. Your menu preferences and personal chef style will play a significant role in determining the plate type that aligns with your culinary vision.

Material Matters: Aluminum vs. Cast-Iron

Another critical factor in the selection process is the material of the grill plates. Aluminum plates heat up quickly, providing efficiency in preparation. However, they may require additional effort in cleaning and often benefit from cooking spray. In contrast, cast-iron plates, while taking a bit longer to heat initially, offer durability and superior heat retention. This means faster recovery times when introducing cold food to hot plates, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the cooking process.


Choosing the right commercial contact grill involves weighing the advantages of plate types and materials. Whether opting for the precision of grooved plates or the versatility of smooth plates and deciding between the quick heating of aluminum or the durability of cast-iron, understanding these considerations will guide you toward a grill that suits your culinary needs and enhances your kitchen efficiency.


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