Should You Host Your Own Mail Server?

21 Oct

As The Digital Life shares in the video “Host your own Mail Server, is it a good idea?,” a mail server is a complicated, multifaceted server that should not be run by your average Joe with zero IT experience. If someone has basic IT experience and a solid foundation for running servers in general, running one’s own mail server can have several benefits.

While anyone can learn how to run their own mail server, not everyone should. Being a server host means the owner takes full responsibility for up-time, maintenance, and monitoring the server. If you personally face a power outage or other issue, your server will go down.

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Also, hosting your own mail server presents safety concerns that are usually squared away by a third party host. Hosting a mail server requires time that one could spend elsewhere, as well. The unpredictability that hosting a mail server creates outweighs perks.

If one does end up running their own server, it’s not all bad. Running a mail server teaches new skills and technologies. It also can be useful for those who want full control over the features and function of their mail server.


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