What to Know About Cleaning a Hospital

21 Jul

In this video, you will learn about hospital housekeeping. Environmental services play a huge role in keep patients safe in the hospital. Hospital housekeepers are not just a maid service, they are at the frontline of illness control. There are right and wrong chemicals to use when preventing contamination.

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No job you do in the department is a small task. There are some very potent smells that go into housekeeping. There are also very dangerous chemicals to work with. Housekeeping employees are to provide support to their patients. Some of the patients will request their room is cleaned again. Some of the patients are lonely and you can make someone’s day by talking with them. Housekeepers are dependable, personable, and willing to work hard. Most people don’t consider all of these things. Housekeepers have the ability to relate to their patients. Patients like it when housekeepers can spend extra time with them. It is a huge job satisfaction by making a difference in people’s lives. Working in hospitals is a very fast-paced environment. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information on hospital housekeeping.

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