How Much Is a Slab Leak Repair Service?

20 Apr

Do you think you need to hire a slab leak repair service? How much do they cost? You should make sure that you create a budget before hiring anyone for this service because you want to make sure you are hiring a company who will give you quality service In this video, an expert goes over how much this type of service will cost and why.

With a slab leak repair, a professional will locate the leak site within the floor. He can be seen doing this at the beginning of the video.

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Once the professional does this, they will re-route the water supply. The price range of a slab leak repair can range from $1500 to $5800, depending on how big or small the re-route is.

A re-route is the process in which a professional will re-route where the pipe travels underground. This way, they will not have to open up the floor and ruin your beautiful home, but they will have to access the pipe from the outside of your home.

Watch this entire video to see how they do this and learn all about slab leak repair and when you might need to hire a company for this service.


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