Are Police Body Cameras Worth the Money?

08 Apr

In recent years, more and more policemen are required to wear police body cameras. There are many advantages to this, but how much do police body camera costs, and are they worth the money? In this video, we have a police officer explaining the benefits of police body cameras and how they are worth every penny.

The police officer states that these body cameras are great because his officers can watch their behavior from a scene once they get back to the police station. This can show them what they did during the scene, so they can learn from their mistakes.

Video Source

This can help them improve as a police officer.

Another great thing body cameras do is ensure the police officers are following protocol on scenes. Many police officers have lost their job because they were not using proper protocol or they are the cause of someone’s death. This can be very gruesome, but it’s important that these behaviors are picked up on video, so they can be proven.

Watch this entire video to see examples of how great policy body cameras are and see why they are worth the cost for both the police officers and the victims.


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