Basic Auto Repair Tips

04 Feb

In this video, you will learn about auto repair. There is a lot to know about repairing cars. When you know some basic important tips, it can be helpful and save time.

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The first tip is when you are pulling a transmission out, there may be some bolts that are hard to unscrew or the bolts are hard to get to. The trick is to not box yourself into the one problem area. You can take a step back and use a screwdriver extendor so you can see where you’re working. Try not to make life harder for yourself. You can use tools that make the work easier for you. The next tip will help you if you find yourself in a situation where your car dies. Take something heavy and hit your fuel pump with it. The reason this will help is that the fuel pump can get stuck turning at a bad point. Hitting it with something hard, but not too hard that you can risk damaging it, should help at least get you home. If you are interested in learning more about auto repairs, keep watching the rest of this video.

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