How to Choose the Best Arthritis Treatment

04 Apr

In a video on YouTube by the John Hopkins Medicine Division of Rheumatology, the doctors discuss the treatment available for rheumatoid arthritis. When it is first diagnosed, Dr. Laura Cappelli MD. said the major question asked is how this disease will be treated. We use medication to change the course of the disease and prevent the erosion of the joints.

Video Source

In the disease, the body attacks its own tissue, causing joint pain. It is treated by oral conventional medicine and biologics which are injected or given by infusion.

Oral medications work by controlling the immune system and substances that attack the joints. When you take these medications, you will need to have blood work done regularly. These medications have been used for many years and work well in controlling this disease. Most patients start with this type of drug, and it is less expensive than biologics. Biologics are given by injection or infusion and block proteins in the body that causes inflammation and prevents T-cells from becoming overactive. An infusion is often performed at a clinic for arthritis treatment. These medications are given by body weight and outpatient basis. Both are effective treatments for arthritis treatment.

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