Understanding Laser Printers

18 Feb

Printers are an essential piece of equipment to keep at your home or office. They are convenient to use and can instantly produce a hard copy of something digital from your computer. Laser printer systems are one of the most common types of printers because of their cheaper price point and versatility. In this video, you will learn how laser printers work so you can understand just what is going on inside of your printer in order to produce such high-quality products.

Video Source

The printer uses an electrophotographic process which is very technically advanced and all contained within the unit itself. A laser forms the images being printed right onto the OPC drum. The toner, or ink, is stirred at the same time and moved onto the surface of the roller. Since the OPC drum has been positively charged by the laser, then the toner, which is negatively charged, will be attracted to the drum. It will be applied to the areas marked by the laser, which is the image being printed. The toner is then transferred onto paper. The toner will be melted and fused to the paper.


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