How to Measure Asphalt Paving Jobs

15 Apr

When you need your driveway or parking lot paved or sealed, a paving contracting company will come out to your property and measure it before beginning the job. Measuring the area that needs to be paved or sealed will allow them to estimate the cost of the job, estimate how long it will take, and estimate how much material they will need to complete the job. In this video, you will learn how paving contractors measure the driveway or parking lot.

Video Source

The driveway and parking lot paving contractors will use a special tool to help them measure the area. The tool has a handle and a wheel that the contractor will roll along the ground to take their measurements. They will do this to find the total area, which is the length times the width of the space. You will get to see a contractor take these measurements. The math used will be different for areas that are not square or rectangular, such as circles as might be found in culdesacs. The video will explain what they do in these situations.


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