What Does an Automated Thread Protector Applicator System Do?

16 Mar

If you are a drilling business owner, you may already know what thread protectors are, but how are they removed from a pallet to then be customized for your business? This video is brought to you by AEC and they show you the entire process an Automated Thread Protector Applicator System goes through to make different types of thread protector caps. The depalletizer shown at the beginning of the video unloads full or partial pallets of thread protectors onto a platform before moving it to the next part of the process. These machines can customize the thread protectors based on the customer’s specific equipment layout. They are then spun on by more machinery.

Video Source

Watch the video to see how the thread protector caps you may be using for your drilling business. These are great to look into when you are looking at great ways to keep your pipes protected when storing them. Check out the video and their channel to learn more! There is a lot of information about thread protectors and how they are made and handled on their channel. This can be a great tool for you when you are first starting to build your own drilling business.


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