A Guide to Fuel Injector Testing

16 Mar

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Fuel injectors are essential parts to any engine and can require maintenance and testing from time to time. This video will show the basics of fuel injector testing so that you can do it yourself!

If you suspect your fuel injector may not be working, there’s a quick and easy way to test it. Signs your engine may have a faulty fuel injector are if the engine routinely stalls, bad fuel economy, hesitation, and lots of engine rattling.

There are plenty of other reasons why your car may be having engine troubles, however, so you need to test it out to narrow down what the problem is. The first step is to locate your fuel injector. Most will be located on the top of the engine. Remember, there may be more than one.

Next, grab a long screwdriver and place it on the back end of the top of the fuel injector. You will use it like a doctor’s stethoscope. Put year ear to the handle and listen for a constant clicking noise when the engine is started.

If you hear the clicking, your fuel injector is firing. If not, you know what your problem is! For more information, click on the link above.

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