How Local Scaffolding Companies Price a Job

02 Nov

If you are looking to hire a local scaffold company, it is important to know how they price their jobs. You want to know what to expect and make sure you are getting a fair offer.

Most companies will actually use a program called “Price a Job”, or something similar, to calculate their estimates. This ensures that they aren’t under or overcharging for their time and materials.

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These programs allow them to specify the type of scaffolding they will be using — static, portable towers, or chimney scaffolding — as this will affect the price. From there, the contractor will enter other specifications such as height and the number of lifts they will need, and Price a Job will automatically generate an estimate.

These factors will vary depending on the project. A single-story house will only need one lift, while a two-story house will need two. The program will also add an upcharge if it is needed beyond a certain number of weeks. Many companies will charge an extra percentage if scaffolding is required for more than eight weeks, though this number may vary.

Now that you know more about how scaffolding companies price their jobs, you can better identify who is giving you a good deal, and who isn’t.


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