What You Should Know to Hire the Right Pool Company

19 Sep

This video guides you through the process of hiring a pool contractor. If you’re looking for a pool company to build or install your pool, you want the best people to handle this essential investment. You don’t want to risk a shoddy job by hiring the wrong people. You’ll have to decide whether you want an above-ground or inground pool and the size that would work best for you.

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Many factors are at play when you’re looking for a pool company that meets your needs and budget. Ask the right questions and do your homework. It’s best to write down a list of questions to ask a potential pool company. Ask them to provide references of past clients and call them up for feedback.
If a company won’t give you references or won’t let you talk to their past customers, treat that as a red flag. You don’t want to hire someone who is afraid to give you honest feedback or answer questions. Ask about insurance since all good contractors should carry liability insurance and workman’s compensation coverage. Also, check if they have commercial general liability insurance. Get online reviews from sites such as poolcontractor.com.

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