Why Do You Need a Torque Wrench?

14 Apr

What is a torque wrench? What can you do with one? When do you need it? All of these questions will be answered in this video. When you are using a torque wrench, you should ensure that the right torque measurements are being used, so that your car is not damaged in any way. If you tighten a nut or bolt too tight, it could damage the entire thing or even cause the bolt head to pop right off. And, if you tighten a nut or bolt too loose, this could cause dmaage to your car and potentially cause injury if anything happens. That’s why using this type of wrench is so important.

Video Source

In this video, this expert will demontrate how to use one properly, so you don’t ruin the wheels on your car and have to pay even more money in the end. It may also be beneficial to hire a professional to do these services as well because they will ensure a quality finish.

Watch this entire video to see how this expert uses a torque wrench and how he finds out which torque measurements are best for the wheels he is working on.


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