How Do Hearing Aid Devices Work?

26 Apr

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Hearing aid devices offer a range of benefits for individuals who are hard of hearing. They are the best treatment option for most types of hearing loss. This video features an audiologist explaining how these magnificent devices actually work.

Hearing aids don’t just amplify sounds. They can actually amplify specific sounds and drown out background noise. They pick up frequencies from 20hz to 20,000hz. The higher the hertz metric, the higher the frequency of the sound. They can also be used in conjunction with some different kinds of technology so that Deaf people aren’t excluded from activities and jobs. For example, when working with a Premiere Audition, hearing aids or similar devices can sync with the audio of the program that’s being used for review.

Most individuals will have hearing loss of some frequencies but not all of them. Hearing aids need to be specifically tuned to the hearing of the individual patient. It is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. You get a hearing aid matched to you.

Audiologists use hearing tests to measure how good a person’s hearing is over a variety of pitches. A person with high-frequency hearing loss is typically able to hear what a person is saying, but cannot understand them because the sound of several letters is in the high-frequency range.

Hearing aids will help amplify sounds in this frequency. However, it’s important that the person also undergoes word identification testing to support their hearing. Amplification does not always equal clarity.

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