What Does an ENT Doctor Do?

03 Apr

At Jordan Valley Medical Center, Dr. Jeff Nelson is an ear nose and throat doctor or ENT specialist. Another name for that specialty is an otolaryngologist.

The ENT specialists have a unique role because they can manage diseases occurring in the ears, nose, mouth, and throat medically and surgically. Patients needing more than medication to treat their illness can be offered surgical intervention to restore their health.

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Most Common Disorders Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Treats.

Chronic ear problems are the most common disorders treated at Dr. Nelson’s practice. Other commonly seen patients have difficulty swallowing or vocal cord problems. Patients with chronic tonsil and adenoid problems are also seen regularly. In addition, he sees many patients with nasal problems like nasal polyps, allergies, and sinus problems.

Most Common Instruments Used by ENT Specialists

The most common instrument is an otoscope. It is used to assess patients using a speculum to visualize the inside of the nose or the ear. The ENT specialists also use microscopes to help them visualize the small structures during surgery. Rigid and flexible endoscopes can reach and visualize deeper structures in a patient’s nasal or ear cavity.

Ear nose and throat doctor can help patients care for any disorders within the ears, nose, or throat. They use medications and surgery to treat their patients and use specialized equipment to visualize and reach small structures seated deep within the patient’s anatomy.


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