How to Optimize Your Storage For Your Move

15 Feb

If you’re getting ready to move, you may need to first store some items at a self-storage facility. In this video, viewers learn tips for organizing your belongings to obtain the best value from your storage bin. One of the most essential tips is to keep a detailed inventory of the items you place inside the storage area.

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To quickly see the contents of the containers, clear storage bins are preferable to cardboard. If you decide to use cardboard boxes, label the boxes clearly. To properly store furniture and make it easy to remove later, be sure to disassemble your furniture. For safety’s sake, all your items should be stored upright.

The ideal location for heavy items is on the bottom of a stack and toward the back of the storage bin. All the stacks should be arranged vertically to simplify storage. It’s a wise idea to include a step stool in a visible place inside the storage bin. To facilitate easy removal, you could also place a dolly or handcart inside the storage area.

When you label containers, write more than one word on each box to help you identify the contents. Always keep your most frequently used items toward the front of the stored items. Using these planning principles, your belongings will be safely and efficiently arranged inside your storage area.

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