What to Expect After Getting Your TBON License

15 Apr

This article addresses all professionals in need of SCFHS-RN, HAAD-RN, or USRN licensing. This information pertains to nurses who have already passed their NCLEX exam. You need to know each step to receive an official print of a nursing certificate by mail. Recipients can expect the document to arrive at their home address in up to 10 weeks.

It is important to know what the Texas Board of Nursing looks like.

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The recipient address line shows the nursing title after the person’s name on the outside of the envelope. The return address identifies the location of those in charge of TBON investigations.

All qualified licensees need to make sure they provide a current address, so they receive their entitled documents. After demonstrating the outside of the envelope, open that envelope and pull out its contents.

Then, you need to understand the attributes of an official license offered by the Texas Board. Information on the authentic license includes the full name and date of the licensee. It also has the name of the licensing body printed on it and the signature of the issuer.

The type of license nurses need to obtain through receiving by mail is the wall license. It’s not the pocket version that a medical professional would carry with them. However, it does also come with a paper NCSBN Candidate report that has the licensed nurse’s picture on it. First-time licensing and renewal contact hours are also explained.

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