How Plumbing Works in a Typical Home

25 Jan

Something that not a lot of us think about is our house’s plumbing system. Just about everything we use includes the plumbing in the house from washing the dishes to using the toilet and everything in between. In this video, we learn how the plumbing system works so maybe in the future you will have an idea of a problem before calling your local plumber.

Video Source

First, there are three different types of pipes that you will find in a house. They are PVC, cast iron, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Each of these pipes is connected to the fixtures in the home like the toilet and washing machine. These pipes then lead to the municipal drain located below the street away from the house.

This video also explains what the various sizes of the pipes connected to fixtures are. For example, the pipe connected to the toilet is three inches wide. The different sizes are used to prevent clogging.

It is a good idea to learn what goes on behind the scenes of your house’s plumbing. This video helps you learn the basics, and maybe you can ask your plumber next time they come to further explain different aspects of plumbing.


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