What Should I Check Before Buying an Used Car?

23 Mar

Buying a used car can be a stressful time. You don’t know how well the previous owner cared for it or if it has gotten regular maintenance. This is why you should always do your own inspection before buying a used car.

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Keep reading to find out what you should check on a used car before buying it.

Always check the tires. If they are worn down it could cost you a couple of hundred dollars to replace. When you’re checking the tire thread, make sure it’s worn evenly. If it is uneven it could indicate issues with the car.

Next check under the hood. For both the engine oil and transmission fluid, make sure the level is not low and that the fluid doesn’t smell burnt. Low levels of fluid or a burnt smell indicate issues with the car that will need to be addressed.

Checking your brake fluid will help you tell how much the brakes are worn. If it’s low, the brakes will need maintenance. If it is full is it a good sign, but also could’ve been topped off by the previous owner.

You’ll also want to check the antifreeze. For this, you want to make sure there is no oil in or around the opening and that it is the correct color. Antifreeze is typically a bright blue, pink, or green color.

There are a lot of unknowns when buying a used car, but doing a proper inspection yourself can help you decide if it is worth buying the car. For more information about inspecting a used car, watch the video above!


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