How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home

07 Apr

Water heaters are something you don’t think much about until it stops working. If you are looking to buy one there are three things you need to consider, keep reading to find out what you should consider when choosing a water heater for your home.

First is the storage capacity. You want to make sure to match the water heater unit’s capacity to the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home.

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You could also consider a tankless system that saves money and energy.

Second is the heater function. When it comes to heater function there are two options. A whole-house system or a point of use system. In a whole-house system, water is heated in one location and distributed through the house, whereas point-of-use systems supply a specific location.

Lastly is the fuel type and there are four options, gas, electric, liquid propane, and hybrid electric. Gas is the cheapest option and required venting outdoors. Electric is a popular option because it is easy to maintain and it heats the water quickly. Liquid propane heats even more water per hour than electric, and hybrid electric is more expensive but is economical.

Watch the video above to learn more!


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