How to Choose the Best Garage Door

11 Apr

A garage door is a significant investment that protects your car and other valuables kept in the garage. So make sure your garage door is appropriately insulated. Let’s get into a few great garage door options.

The first garage door is a Sanfurney 2 car magnetic garage door. Added to it is a fake magnetic sunburst.

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The magnetic panels are designed to look like actual street windows.

The second type is the Eapele magnetic garage door made of rectangular magnetized PVC vinyl plates. The plates’ clean surfaces reflect light, making them even more glaring.

The third is the Winsoon magnetic garage door with fake double tinted vinyl window panels. However, the panels cannot be used on glass or wood doors.

An alternative is Sankin’s magnetic garage door for metal alloy garage doors. The panels are constructed of glossy PVC.

If you are looking for an extra-dimensional visual upgrade for your garage door that is easy to curve and shape, consider magnetic window panels. The panels can improve the appearance of your old garage doors.


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