Semi-Trailer Explained

02 Jul

In this video, you will learn about semi-trailers. The video goes through to explain the parts of a semi-trailer and how they work. One important part is a fuel inspection sticker.

Video Source

It is important to know when the date expires since the oil is such an important part of the trailer. There is a piece that hooks the trailer up to the actual truck. It is called a shaft and that is where the kingdom lock goes. There is a place where the 5th wheel sits, and when you turn, it is protected underneath. The bulkhead of the trailer is where your airlines will hook up to. The service line and your emergency line are attached to this. Underneath, there is a spot for electrical wiring. These are important parts as they help keep the entire truck together. There’s a safety lock that also ensures nothing comes unlatched. The tires need to stay at 100psi. The trailer needs to keep this pressure. If there is a leak in the tire, there is a light that will shine and you will see that you need to fill them up with air. For more information, watch this video and learn more!

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