Understanding the Firewood Processing Service

17 Jan

Firewood is a good and valuable source of heating fuel. Well-seasoned timber makes the best fuelwood because of its superior combustion characteristics, financial and environmental impact.

Firewood processing service is an easy and affordable way of converting timber into a long-lasting, safer fuel preferred for heating and cooking. There are two grades of firewood, the smaller logs, which are used on-site to feed our own boiler systems and larger logs are sold by lorryload to a local firewood dealer.

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We transport the lumber from the woodland to the drying tunnel using a cordon trailer and is stacked for a year and a half to season and dry out. Once it has attained a moisture content of about 20%, the timber is taken to the boiler room for cutting and splitting into logs, which are placed in buckets ready for drying over a ventilated floor. We also use Kiln for dry kindling.

We’ve joined the wood fuel quality assurance scheme that guarantees quality dry heat wood fuels with a clean burn. Cut logs come in various lengths varying from 200 millimeters up to 400 millimeters. When the firewood is ready for sale, it is bagged and placed in our new ventilated log bags, where it is delivered to our customers. This culminates with our firewood processing service.


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