Mistakes to Avoid When Lifting Your Truck

27 Sep

One of the main reasons why you would need a lift kit for your vehicle is the increased ground clearance it provides. They are also ideal when you need to go off-road through rocks, mud, and even snow. This video highlights mistakes to avoid when purchasing truck lift installs, especially if it’s your first time using a kit.

1. Price

Don’t base your purchase solely on pricing. Cheaper models may not provide the various parts required to correct certain things such as the angle of the CV axles.

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You may also not necessarily need the most expensive lift kit.

2. Maintenance

Ensure the other related parts are well-maintained, such as the CVA axles, bushings, ball joints, and bearings. Having worn-out parts despite having a new suspension kit won’t solve any current problems.

3. Rake

A leveling kit changes the entire look of the truck and how it handles the rake. When the rear of the vehicle is higher than the front, it is called a ‘rake’. Getting the right size kit is therefore necessary.

Purchase a good quality kit and remember to get the alignment and other things adjusted, such as breaks after installation.


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