Everything You Should Know About the Different NEMA Power Cords

19 Jul

There are so many different power cords and plugs that are used all across the country and around the world. You may know of the regular plugs you use at home or in your work office, but what are the other ones people use for different reasons? In this video, an expert will go over everything you should know about the different NEMA power cords, including the NEMA L6 30 and why it is such a popular one.

NEMA L630 has three wires, one being a ground wire and the other two are hot wires. This power source is rated for 30A 250V.

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This is usually used in industrial settings, so you may not see this at home or work, especially if you work in an office. The NEMA L530 is rated for 30A 125V, having a lower voltage rate than the other. It is usually used for small RVs, generators, and food trucks. This being said, you may have seen this one before. There are three wires on this one as well, one being ground, another neutral, and the last one hot.

Watch this entire video to learn all about everything you should know about the different NEMA power cords.


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